• Happy #MemorialDay weekend Have fun! Be safe!

  • Ready to ride

  • Pooch on a porch 🐶

  • Watching a new show with my wife.

    Her: He must be important they’re spending a lot of time him.

    Me: Tell that to Rob Stark. 😇

  • A Sunday yard work photo dumb - With a new turtle friend

  • It should be a cardinal office sin to send a screenshot of an Excel sheet. What am I to do with this? Can’t edit. Can’t copy information off of it. Lord, it’s maddening!

  • Went to dinner with the lady tonight. Before we stopped at a vendor mall (“antiques” aka junk). Though left super excited! Found three new stickers for the water bottle. (All three for $2.25)

    1. Race car sloth - just cool
    2. Unintentional #Phish #Grogu - got me excited to keep looking
    3. Unintentional #Eggy Onisjka Tiger - it came from the shoes but made me super happy! Deal of the night.

  • Well, in the office today. I can already tell I regret not bringing the #Switch to play #TearsoftheKingdom in my downtime. 🕹️🎮

  • Unsure how other teams do it this year. The upcoming St Louis Cardinals give away for #GratefulDead night is a jaw dropper!

  • Nintendo will produce its next films under the #Nintendo Pictures label

    #Movies incoming!

    What will be next?

    SMB 2? #Zelda? #Metroid? Donkey Kong?

  • Saw my first #Lucid in the wild today too. Nice to see more variety in EV locally.

    (Saw being used loosely because I was behind it then it took off. 🚗 💨)

  • Bruce Li for my belly!

    Facebook Page

  • Being in the office two days a week is a soul suck.

    Why is everything so bright?!


  • New #Eggy on Nugs! This is going to make being stuck at my desk tolerable tomorrow. 🥚 💜

  • Another on paper review of #Eggy from last night. Makes don’t miss a Sunday show rule apply again.

    Set 1 - Pretty standard set. Would have love to see Northern Lights. Set 2 - Doing a #Goose with No Rain. Great to see the uncommon Fly Fredrick Fly and Zugzwang come back. (Also Tom Corn Walker in the encore.) High Noon on my “top to see” list. Also a brand new song with “Waiting Game”! Cant wait to hear it too!

    (The Carton needs the date adjusted to 5/7.)

    So thankful to have access to listen to these (when it’s posted) since I missed out. Damn responsibilities.

  • Can’t wait to hear this soon! On paper a solid setlist from #Eggy. Did they even stop in set 1?

    Big time FOMO here.

    Can’t wait to see tonight’s too.

  • Nice day out at the car show.

  • I did migrate Mastodon instances last night. It was over all really easy just took time to reset up apps/cross posting/2FA again. Losing my posts stinks BUT they are all coming from my micro.blog so my site is basically the archive. If I did not have this I could still import the backup to an ActivityPub service. Gotta love it!

  • Debating on changing my #instance on Mastodon. The loss of posts is what really holds me back from jumping off mastodon.social.

    What are you thoughts on moving? Experience?

  • What is reheated in a toaster?

  • Time to clear out! More backyard updates. This time the back back. 🌳🍃

  • Hey! Look it there! I am in the #Mona AppStore screen shots.

  • I need Ivory to just add the ability to pin other timelines it would be 🤌 for me.

  • Password change day and I’ve only locked myself out twice. 😬

  • Of all my subscriptions I pay Nugs.net is above and beyond my favorite. Priceless honestly.

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