Can I just be done with today? Been a long one at just 2pm. Ready for a nap that won’t happen.


    One final update - HomePods

    My wife bought a tree from someone for the house. Except it never made it into the house after a few weeks.

    I spent Sunday giving the garage a much needed cleaning. Being funny I hooked it up to a HomeKit plug connected to the garage door. When it opens the lights turn on for five minutes.

    Even as a joke everyone loves it. Little warm lamp light instead of the dark corner.

    Am I the only one who reads these every morning like Stefon from #SNL?

    Sun-par sleep last night


    Wouldn’t recommend. 💤

    Teams and Outlook off for the weekend. I refuse to randomly peek.

    All emails today will be signed with “Have a great weekend!”.

    a.k.a Do not follow up with anything else. This is our parting till Tuesday.

    “I Am Ready To Go Home From Work”

    • a story by me.

    I gotta say my local USPS does a killer job.

    I can have my mail for the day here before the email that tells me what is arriving.


    Kid logic

    Yesterday: Plays in pool for eight hours straight. Only stopping to eat. Most of it spent diving under water. - Zero complaints

    Today: OMG the shower water is burning my eyes!!! I can’t seeee! Dad I need a towel now!!

    Me: 🙄

    My babies are coming back!

    Northern Red Cardinal in window bird feeder

    #Temu. You’re wild!

    What kinda car is this supposed to be? 🤔


    My lil girl is having a great day at school today!

    She’s done amazing with this next chapter among all the challenges she’s had.

    #SilentSunday morning #Lego project.

    After spending the entire day in an airport yesterday, having to book an extra night hotel room we finally get to go home today.

    Please hold out weather. 😅

    Oh yah!

    I’ve been so busy I let it slip my mind about mini-Link. Daughter insists his name is just Ink.

    “#Lego” #Zelda #Link #TearsoftheKingdom #TotK

    Struggle bus just pulled up for me today.

    Anyone else jumping on?



    #apple #macintosh #lego

    Lego model of early Apple computer.

    Momma and baby

    #Lego #Bonsai

    550 miles in the books today.

    Halfway home.

    Fun little project from last night. Took about four hours on and odd. Not official Lego but 🤷

    #Zelda #TearsoftheKingdom

    Holy heck! The Binding of Isaac was updated to Repentance today for iOS. This game has not been updated in SIX YEARS!

    Awyisss! It’s time. #iOS17Beta

    Screenshot of iOS 17 beta 4 update

    Day three of casually working this puzzle with my wife. Tons of progress yesterday.

    Lost a piece yesterday but found it this morning. Inspired to continue on.

    Photo of “succulents” puzzle progress

    It’s amazing the swing in ads I see coming to Florida. From downright hateful and racist to this bonkers stuff

    Facebook ad for Donald Trump door knocker with comedically large testiculars
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