Mike being a Goodman and bringing the heat in the part 2 jam here.

    #Eggy - 9/17/23 - Camp Deep End (Main Set), Navarro, CA

    Listen here.

    Imagine being Jack for this.

    First time behind the kit with #Umphreys to open with an 18 min All in Time.

    A damn good one at that too.

    Listen here.

    Beautiful cover here with a great jam at the end. Perfect for Jerry’s home.

    #Eggy - Rubin and Cherise - 9/13/23 - The Independent, San Francisco

    Listen here.

    Killer song. Killer version of it. (With a tiny Phish tease in there too.)

    #Eggy - Letter to Myself - 9/15/23 - The Independent, San Francisco

    Listen here.

    One day I hope to grow up and have a stash as cool as Pete’s from #Goose.


    In the #Eggy way back machine today

    Eggy - 2/6/22 - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI

    Listen here.

    (Yea I’m gonna say 2022 was way back. Feels like a lifetime ago…)

    #Goose is not my normal first pick. Though this set is a killer IMO. Has been stuck in my head all week.

    Goose - 9/16/23 - Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

    Listen here

    Setlist: T&NR, The Whales, Wysteria Lane, Electric Ave, Red Bird

    This is a KILLER new cover from #Eggy. Even if you have yet to to listen to Eggy much this is a must stop to me.

    Just gave this back to listens going for thirds!

    Original by Emily King

    Eggy Cover

    This is a huge, soaring All Wheels Turning!

    #Eggy 8/11/23 - All Wheels Turning - Elevation 27, Virginia Beach VA

    Listen here.

    A month ago today #Eggy blessed us with this killer Apology.

    Woo buddy!


    Eggy - Apology - 8/11/23 - Elevation 27, Virgina Beach , VA

    Listen here.

    I’ve never heard this Beach Boys version of #GratefulDead Cold Rain and Snow until just recently.

    Kinda like hearing “fast” They Love Each Other for the first time.

    Listen here.

    Fun lil Shells jam here

    #Eggy - Shells - 8/25/23 Hookaville 57, Thronville, OH

    Listen here

    If you want to listen to #Phish at Dicks this weekend. Sirius is having a promo with 3 months for $1.

    I am sure signup involved a credit card and chatting in to cancel after.

    Though don’t want ya to miss out if you don’t have to.


    Destiny Unbound tonight?

    #Phish #Dicks

    If anyone complains about #Phish Dick’s night 1, disown them. You don’t need that energy in your life.

    New songs. Old songs. Heavy hitters. Moments of calm.

    Beginning to end an amazing show.

    Another show cut short by new songs being removed. Missing Smile and A Moments Notice. Kinda stinks really.

    #Eggy - 8/20/23 - Catbird Music Festival, Bethal, NY

    Nugs.new screen shot. Shows between you and me, apology and shadow missing two songsThe carton setlist showing full show

    Time to listen to this monster.

    #Phish - 8/26/23 - Broadview Stage at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

    Listen here

    Screenshot of LivePhish from show

    AllIn Fest in Indy is showing #Eggy for The Beatles Dreamset

    Never heard off of #Khruangbin before today. It is definitely a mood to make a #SilentSunday.

    Watch their Tiny Desk here

    First order of business this morning is listening to this monster.

    #Umphreys is not letting Chris’ absence impact them at all.

    Oh snap! Let’s go! #Eggy and #Trey tour.

    Both are playing All In also, though different days.

    Trey talking to Alex and Dani from Eggy

    Picked up this #Eggy pin second hand. Very excited about it to come in. (These are from the seller.)

    Copper Eggy pin above grateful deal stealie - Says Yesterday Today Tomorrow Back of pin showing band logo and LE 23/25

    Like if Time Escaping, Sussudio and reggae had a baby. I like it. Makes me miss the UM Halloween mashups.

    #Eggy - Escapping Sussudio - 8/11/23 - Elevation 27, Virgina Beach, VA

    Listen here.

    Shhhhhheeeeeesshhhhh - Killer jam here.

    #Eggy - Apology - 8/11/23 Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA

    Listen here

    Dang! #Eggy has had some quickness this week with new shows.

    Eggy - 8/11/23 Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA

    Listen here

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