• Does anyone else edit/trim screenshots so they look better? Or just me?

  • Ready to ride

  • Since iOS 16.5 is now out. Time to update to the new Pride wallpaper!

    #iOS #Wallpaper #Pride #screenshot #homescreen

  • #iOS 16.5 is out!

  • Do I enjoy #TearsoftheKingdom?


    Does it stress me out feeling stuck more than I should?

    Yes. Holy crap it’s anxiety inducing. I feel lost so often with no where to go. 😵‍💫 I finished the third shine, took a wrong turn, then went down the mountain. Guess who has to go back up the hill…?

    You’re right…it’s me.

  • Well, in the office today. I can already tell I regret not bringing the #Switch to play #TearsoftheKingdom in my downtime. 🕹️🎮

  • Super excited for the new site themes on micro.blog!

    Thanks for adding them team!

  • Nintendo will produce its next films under the #Nintendo Pictures label

    #Movies incoming!

    What will be next?

    SMB 2? #Zelda? #Metroid? Donkey Kong?

  • Saw my first #Lucid in the wild today too. Nice to see more variety in EV locally.

    (Saw being used loosely because I was behind it then it took off. 🚗 💨)

  • Feeling reeeaaaallllly tempted to pre-order Tears of Kingdom for tomorrow… 🕹️ 🎮

    #Zelda #Switch #Nintendo

  • Excuse me sir. Your hotspot is showing.

  • Has anyone made an iOS Shortcut before with Humboldt for micro.blog?

  • I did migrate Mastodon instances last night. It was over all really easy just took time to reset up apps/cross posting/2FA again. Losing my posts stinks BUT they are all coming from my micro.blog so my site is basically the archive. If I did not have this I could still import the backup to an ActivityPub service. Gotta love it!

  • Debating on changing my #instance on Mastodon. The loss of posts is what really holds me back from jumping off mastodon.social.

    What are you thoughts on moving? Experience?

  • It has been awhile since I have shared a #screenshot from my #iPhone. 📱

    Here is today’s view:

  • Hey! Look it there! I am in the #Mona AppStore screen shots.

  • I am on #PixelFed also. Maybe if I knew more over there I would use it too.


  • Does anyone using Ivory know if you can pin other instance’s timelines to find easily?

    Thank you


  • Interesting that my #Twitter account was turned over in March. It is now protected with zero followers/following.

    @brian_wolf on Twitter

  • This trend on news sites of hitting back in your browser, only to be given a page of “oh before you go read these…” rather than back has to stop.

  • Have a Nice Death updated with performance issues

    Finally! I am excited to play this again. The time between loading screens really killed the experience. Short floors with long waits really slowed things down.

  • Apple Weather App Data Not Loading for Many Users

    Glad it is not just me. Though their five hours ago line is bs. Mine has not worked since Friday when I attempted to use it for the storms.

  • Tweet replies no longer show who users are replying to

    Twitter is about to look like the stream of consciousness from an insane person.

    How does anyone benefit from this?

  • Oh, the irony.


  • Never been more upset with Apple then when they removed max volume from parental controls.

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