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  • @petebrown Screen-seption a screen within a screen.

  • @warner My move was to @brian one of the jam band instances.

  • @KimberlyHirsh Well, I made the jump on an Amazon pair for $38 If they’re not that great I’ll return them. Also going to keep my eye on FB marketplace for a Nintendo branded pair too. I have had to send mine in once already for the drift. This set is for expanding who can play together. 🙂

  • @Omrrc So far it has been. I have the 64gb left on the Switch also.

    There are some large games on there, that if it came down to it can be deleted. Especially, if I don’t play them.

  • @Omrrc in my three years on Switch I’ve never bought physical. I just prefer less clutter with boxes and cards to deal with. 512GB card and store them all.

  • @odd WHO is your daddy? And what does he do?

  • @brian_wolf Thank you everyone for the advice!

  • @meandering When moving does it keep the old account up that can be referenced from or is it deleted?

  • @brian_wolf Found the answer! I used low power to just warm not toast more. I guess incase you forgot you made toast and still want butter melted?