A distinguished gentleman.

A black dog sitting on a bed with a patterned bedspread, looking towards the camera, with a blurred background of a room with a TV and various items.

A collection of taco shells spread out on a cutting board with a Coca-Cola can and utensils in the background.

It finally happened. The perfect box of taco shells! Not a single one was smashed to dust.

Again… never change Facebook. Never change.

Also a fun game to play is, search for mirrors and see all the ways people try to take pictures without themselves in it.

A screenshot from a marketplace application showing an animated character reclining in a chair, overlaid with the product listing for “Kayaks” priced at $150, reduced from $175, and an interface to send the seller a message.

Focus is at an all time low today. 👀

Screenshot of an update log for the Mona for Mastodon app detailing new features, improvements, and bug fixes in version 6.3.

Big #MonaApp update today to 6.3!

#Eggy - 5/10/24 - Mr. Blue Sky - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

🎶 “Please tell us why You had to hide away for so long?”

Another rainy day here at home. Ready for some Mr Blue Sky again.

Second time played with a great upbeat jam at the end.

Listen here

A promotional image for a musical performance by the band Eggy at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, dated May 10, 2024. The image features the band on stage with stage lights, performing in front of an audience.

A weather map showing the current location marked as “My Location” with a symbol indicating present rain, near cities like Evansville, Henderson, and Owensboro with color gradients indicating different weather conditions.


How y’all doing?

Never change Facebook. Never change.

A slow cooker containing a large piece of meat, carrots, and potatoes. Below the image is a listing for “cemetery plots” priced at $2,000, with an option to send the seller a message.

An image displaying a night sky with vibrant purple and green aurora lights above suburban houses.

#Aurora over South West #Indiana

#Eggy 5/10/24 Beachland Ballroom & Tavern, Cleveland, OH

Set 1: Wayless, Backyard Bear, Last of Kin 🔥, Wireless, Lake Monster, Mr Bluesky, Bobcat flow fake out, Portable Air Scrubber*

Encore: Boom or Bust, 12lbs of Pain

*Band blindfolded

A musician playing an electric guitar on stage, with colorful stage lighting and musical equipment in the background.

A youth softball game in progress on a sunny day with a vivid blue sky and scattered clouds. Spectators are watching from the sidelines behind a chain-link fence.

First tee ball game of the year.

Vehicle speedometer and odometer reading 91,919 miles with a digital display also showing a warning for icy conditions, indicated by three snowflake symbols.

This is very satisfying.

Nothing like a bat flying in the house to spice up the evening.

I am 99% sure he went outside.

Update: He didn’t. Saw him for a few laps around the house then lost contact. Upstairs and downstairs cleared. Trying all of the lights off with one light at the exit.

Did everyone decide to level up at once? #FalloutShelter

Screenshot of the simulation video game “Fallout Shelter,” showing an underground vault with various rooms and dwellers. There are resource meters at the top and game currency indicators on the top right.

Two pens resting on a textured black surface, the top one is a black Pilot G-2 0.38 and the bottom one is a white Mitsubishi Uniball One 0.38.

I really enjoy the uniball one 0.38.

Though the Pilot G-2 0.38 is still the goat. 🐐

Black and white image showing a smartphone surrounded by three wearable devices, including a smartwatch, a fitness tracker band, and a clipped-on activity tracker.

Posted this ten years ago to Instagram.

3/4 are no longer around anymore. Crazy how times change.

Did like a good Midwest dad does.

Got me Menards rebate forms mailed out today. 🛠️

Illustration of Bluey, a cartoon dog character dressed in futuristic space attire with a helmet and holding a ray gun.

I don’t know what this is called in the new Bluey episode, but I want one.

New #Eggy single!

I had no idea this was coming out. Definitely a different sound than the live versions!

Digital artwork of a surreal beach scene with a red chair, geometric sun shapes, and stylized ocean waves under a pink sky, with text elements and symbols around the edges.

Listen on Apple Music

I feel like my little one’s homework was wrote by a #Phish Phan.

A child’s school worksheet titled “A New Pet” with a short story about choosing a pet and two multiple-choice questions at the bottom. The worksheet includes small illustrations of a cat, a bird in a cage, a fishbowl, and a

A split-screen image showing on the left a person in a green outfit dancing with their face leaning against a wall, and on the right, a green parakeet perched on a broom handle imitating the person’s head-tilted pose

Facebook AI is funny.

Ah, yes! I wish to enquire regarding the Split Open and Melt please.

The image shows a concert announcement for Umphrey’s McGee with special guests Eggy, Stolen Gin, and Houseplant in August 2024. The dates and venues of the concerts are listed, with cities including St. Louis and Indianapolis.

If you are looking to pick up the newly announced #Umphreys Summer ticket there is a pre-sale tomorrow. Password for access is “SPF1000”

Concert poster for Umphrey’s McGee with special guests Eggy and Stolen Gin on August 22 at Saint Louis Music Park in Saint Louis, MO. Illustrated with a retro-style design featuring a hotel, a pool shaped like the band

So excited for this announcement!! #Eggy and UM same night. Let’s gooooooo!

Person holding a canned beverage at a motorsport event in an arena, with dirt tracks prepared for competition. Spectators are seated, and a large overhead display shows event content.

Hell yah brother!

#Umphreys is on their Stew Art set of UMBowl now if you are looking for something to do. Jamming on text messsge suggestions from the audience.

Great way to see how they use their hand signals and talk back mics to dictate the jam. It’s why you don’t see much “noodling” around to find jams in shows.

Watch on Nugs here