🚨New #Eggy Alert 🚨

Promotional concert poster featuring two members of the band Eggy performing on stage, with the name “Eggy” at the top, and event details “Madison Live Covington, KY 2.17.24”

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Truthfully, I don’t think there is a working brain transplant.

Look how long it took Cybertruck to get here and we saw that! We’ve heard of countless animals dying. Not a single success reported publicly. More smoke and mirrors of a “genius”.

Neuralink’s First Brain Implant Is Working. Elon Musk’s Transparency Isn’t

📺 American Nightmare (2024) - ★★★★★

American Nightmare poster

I will keep this super brief to prevent spoilers. Though it’s three hours beginning to end insanity!

Indiana out here taking care of the important things… 🙄

Indiana Happy Hour Bill Passes State Senate

#Nintendo #Direct: Partner Showcase 2/21/23

And still no Silksong updates?!

Flips table and walks out of room

#Eggy - 2/18/24 - HiFi Indianapolis, Indiana Set 2

Video source ShinePigeon on YouTube

Two comments on parenting for the night:

  1. Apple. All I want is to set a max universal volume. No higher than that.. an iPad for a child should not have free range. No, $3600 headsets. Max volume on the speaker. Thx.

  2. That moment you realize the oversized sleep shirt is no longer a sleep shirt, but bordering on normal shirt. Grow up to fast some days.

A screenshot of a music player interface displaying the track “Hux (Wit' It)” by Eggy, recorded at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI, on February 15, 2024. The background of the screenshot shows a

Hux rarely disappoints. This time a fun dance party with Dani on a Joel Cummins keyboard sound and Mike/Alex driving

#Eggy - 2/15/24 - Hux (Wit It) - The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI

Listen here

#Eggy - Zugzwang - 2/18/24 HiFi Indianapolis, Indiana

Again credit goes to ShinePigeon on YouTube

Videos from last night with #Eggy at the HiFi in Indianapolis

Time Escaping

Tom Corn Walker

Holy heck! Ton of teases last night I did not hear at all.

And we are in!

#Eggy @HiFi Indianapolis

A crowded indoor concert venue with people watching a live performance on a stage with colorful lighting.

A music venue stage with various electronic keyboards and synthesizers set up for a performance. Audience members gather in anticipation. The stage is illuminated with blue stage lighting and features acoustic panels on the wall for sound dampening.

What show? I’m just here to watch No Holds Barred

A television screen mounted in a bar showing a man with a bandana and mustache. Below the TV is a variety of draft beer taps and glasses on the counter. There’s a subtitle on the screen, and various posters and signs decorate the walls

Arrived at your destination

This has to be a good sign for tonight, right?

The image displays a collage of photos from a live concert by the band Eggy. The top left photo shows a bass guitarist playing on stage. The top right reveals a drummer in mid-performance. The bottom picture features a view of the lead singer and

Indy bound!

Welcome to Easter Island.

“#Lego” 🧱 A LEGO model depicting three Moai statues (like those on Easter Island) on a green baseplate, surrounded by other miscellaneous LEGO pieces. In the background, there is a potted plant and other indistinct household items.

Another teeny tiny “#Lego” set. This time Easter Island.

Stay tuned. A bag of assorted LEGO bricks in various shapes and sizes, predominantly in different shades of gray and white, with a single brown brick visible.

Beautiful sunny day this morning minus being 18°.

Personally, I am fine with #Nintendo delaying the Switch 2 a bit.

My OLED works amazing. And saves me the money for a little bit. 😀

Nintendo Switch 2 delayed to 2025, new reports say - Polygon

Night three of Winter Tour with #Eggy

New song Know What I Know

Great covers Learn to Fly and Necessary Evil (one of my favs)

Excited to hear Set 2!

February 16, 2024 EgGY The Burl- lexington, KY, UStSet 1: High Noon > In It For The Ride > Bobcat Flow, Learn to Flyll! > Here and NowSet 2: Necessary Evil2, Queen’s Gambit, Smile, Know What I Know 31, WaylessEncore: Watercolor DaysFootnotes:[1] Foo Fighters cover[2] Unknown Mortal Orchestra cover[3] Debut

The sad thing is, tonight some rube is going to give more money then they should to fund Trump’s campaign.

Money they will blame they don’t have tomorrow because of the Biden admin.

Good lord! 😂

Whopping 75.85% of X click through to advertisers were fake. Honestly, can this not be considered theft? Customers paid for eyes on their product/sites and didn’t get that.

The majority of traffic from Elon Musk’s X may have been fake during the Super Bowl, report suggests