Album of the Day šŸŽµ: The Wood Brothers - Ways Not Lose

Story time: On a random Saturday, I was reached out to by a friend, Will, to go see Modeski, Martin and Wood in (I believe) Nashville. These things blur together after time. We make the trip then told the opening band is about to start. We were unaware of there even being one. So that is always a bonus.

It ended up being The Wood Brothers. None of us four had ever heard them before, but did notice Chris Wood from MMW was on stage. From beginning to end we were mind blown their entire set. We could have left then for it to be worth the trip. (Of course, we didnā€™t) It was a moment we have told the story on countless times I am sure.

Mike passed away last year. At his celebration of life they played The Luckiest Man towards the end. It will always have a special double meaning to me. You were one of the best buddy.

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