• The Last of Us Episode 3 Review



    Three episodes. Three tragedies.

    Though this episode it was bittersweet. It was redeeming to find out that even during an apocalypse that love and life still finds a way. It has been quiet awhile since a television show has impacted me this way.

    I was so happy that Bill found Frank, even in the situation everyone found themselves in. I think it was a love he was looking for even before things fell apart. The Last of Us has started so strong in just three episodes I could see it going as one of the best television shows of all time.

    In the famous quote from Dr Ian Malcom: ”Life finds a way.”

  • The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Review



    Spoilers Ahead

    Episode two was exciting for me. It was the first glimpse outside the QZ to see what the new world looks like. Also to see what dangers lie ahead. My question from episode one was what occurred in the beginning? How did we get here? What did Joel do for the 20 year gap? (Which Ellie asked about but was shot down for a reply.)

    The clickers are going to be a creepy enemy that goes above and beyond of whatever you think a zombie is. From the after episode special they added in the “network” ability to alert the others. I had mentioned to my wife about real life fungus ability to cover large areas underground.

    Episode two continues the thread of no one is safe showing Tess’s death at the hands of the clicker hoard. I am ready to keep expanding into the universe and excited for Nick Offerman joining next week.

  • Tunic Review 🎮



    Rating ⭐️⭐️

    It honestly upsets me a bit to give this game a lower review. I wanted to like it way more then I actually did. The idea of a game where everything is a mystery forcing you to figure it out on your own, is something new. Doing in an instruction manual format is original on top of that. Though often I was left needing more direction. Some hint of where to go. Or truly why I am even doing what I am doing.

    Spoiler below

    I have made posts on Mastodon about this topic. The third act is frustrating. You have spent the entire game upgrading items, gaining powers, improving stats. Just to have them all taken away from you back to a beginning of the game state. THEN stuck in the hands down most difficult battle of the game. Getting through this section was a frustrating day of playing.

    When I play games I like to do as much completion as I can. This game without a guide would be almost impossible. The fairies at the end are a hidden factor I was not aware could be done until I stumbled on it reading. It is the only way to get the “good ending” of the game also.

    Want to see a insane obscure hidden element of the late game? Read here. Spoiler warning

  • Parenthood Review

    Parenthood TV Series 2010-2015 IMDB ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Can be corny at times, but over all really good. I enjoyed the characters. Fun thing to do is guess based on their previous actions how they will handle the next situation. (Wife and I call our game “Because we write theses things…”) Often referred to as This is Us light it has a lighter drama more comedy writing. By the end I felt like a Braverman