Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Umphrey’s McGee - UMBowl III - 4/27/2012

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Four sets of fun here folks!

Set 1: All requests

Set 2: Stew Art Improve

Set 3: Choose your own adventure where fans at the time voted on how/what the band would play next.

Set 4: Raw Stewage where the band plays past fan favorite jams

Ones to listen to:

Help on The Way/Slipknot - one of my favorite Grateful Dead so of course

46&2 - Another favorite cover

Afternoon Nurse - That lead me to digging this one up. Right in the middle of their Day Nurse and Night Nurse

Yacht Rock Jam - sail the smooth seas

Yoga Pants - This is a big one for me. Heard the first time it was played at White River State Park in Indianapolis in a Haunt jam. One of the coolest jams I had hear at that point.