Tunic Review 🎮



Rating ⭐️⭐️

It honestly upsets me a bit to give this game a lower review. I wanted to like it way more then I actually did. The idea of a game where everything is a mystery forcing you to figure it out on your own, is something new. Doing in an instruction manual format is original on top of that. Though often I was left needing more direction. Some hint of where to go. Or truly why I am even doing what I am doing.

Spoiler below

I have made posts on Mastodon about this topic. The third act is frustrating. You have spent the entire game upgrading items, gaining powers, improving stats. Just to have them all taken away from you back to a beginning of the game state. THEN stuck in the hands down most difficult battle of the game. Getting through this section was a frustrating day of playing.

When I play games I like to do as much completion as I can. This game without a guide would be almost impossible. The fairies at the end are a hidden factor I was not aware could be done until I stumbled on it reading. It is the only way to get the “good ending” of the game also.

Want to see a insane obscure hidden element of the late game? Read here. Spoiler warning

Brian @brian_wolf