The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Review



Spoilers Ahead

Episode two was exciting for me. It was the first glimpse outside the QZ to see what the new world looks like. Also to see what dangers lie ahead. My question from episode one was what occurred in the beginning? How did we get here? What did Joel do for the 20 year gap? (Which Ellie asked about but was shot down for a reply.)

The clickers are going to be a creepy enemy that goes above and beyond of whatever you think a zombie is. From the after episode special they added in the “network” ability to alert the others. I had mentioned to my wife about real life fungus ability to cover large areas underground.

Episode two continues the thread of no one is safe showing Tess’s death at the hands of the clicker hoard. I am ready to keep expanding into the universe and excited for Nick Offerman joining next week.

Brian @brian_wolf