An update about life.

I thought I could give an update for those who know me, but are unaware of our situation. Or those who simply don’t know us at all and are just curious.

In 2017 my wife Lindsay and I found out we were pregnant with a little girl. We were very excited naturally. Then, we discovered at the twenty-four week anatomy scan that she would be born with bilateral clubfoot. She was perfect in every way. We did twice weekly trips to St. Louis to begin the process of straightening her little feet at fourteen days old. The trips were a task, but the distance was very manageable. She had the best outcome with one of the world’s most trusted doctor’s in the field, Dr Dobbs.

Photo of little one’s first four treatments

This past year we noticed, the age of four and a half, both of her feet began to turn back in again. This relapse occurs in two out of ten clubfoot cases. We were ready to deal with this head on, of course with one challenge this time. Our specialist moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. Our three hour drive now turned into fourteen.

It finally was time for us to migrate to Florida. We have been down here now to start the second of our four week trip. The treatment will be three weeks of casting for correction to be concluded by a procedure to lock it in. We have family helping us to watch our sixteen year old son and dog, plus watching the house. We have had so much help in the journey to help our little girl heal.

Times have been tough but we have made our motto: “You have to go through it to get through it.”

First casts are on!

Due to the times we live in we have a GoFundMe setup for assistance. We would also like to thank and have anyone extend support to the amazing Molly’s House where we have been staying.

Again, we are thankful everyone’s love we have received already. We are humbled beyond words.