The “Unreleased” Eggy Songs

As you probably know Eggy has excluded their new music from being released on soundboards. Presumably until the album is officially released. With help from Al W I have put together a list of links for each of them. I tried my best to to use his audience recordings for each source I can find.

Setting this up as a fan for fans. If it is against the wishes of the band I will remove the post.


You - Released officially as a single

Sweat Equity

Way of the Stone


A Moments Notice

Gentle Clown

Come Up Slow


Waiting Game - @ 44 min mark Thank you Maria!

Atomic Age

Must Come Down - Not found yet

*Thank you Al W for for the links! ^ First Encore song Video dated incorrectly as 9/9/23 actually is 9/10/23 at The Vogue in Indianapolis.