Hi 👋

If you found this page I figure you are a big Eggy fan like myself.

I made this posting originally to help us keep track of all the new music the band has been coming out with. Many of these have not been included on the official sound boards by the band as of now. Naturally, you could see why I wanted to gather it in one spot. If anyone in the band would have request for me to take it down it would have been in a moments notice. (😉Sorry!) I hope they know in my heart it was for the fans with no malintent.

With the album “Waiting Game” being announced, I have decided to remove the links. I want to return to the anticipation and support for this new project.

As of this writing Eggy has offically released three singles from the new album: Lauren, A Moments Notice, Gentle Clown You can stream them on any popular platform easily. Let’s play them as many times as possible to increase visibility. It has to have some weight on an algorithm, right?

My intention was to turn my focus back to the band’s amazing artwork. I wholeheartedly believe it has changed my life. I am beyond excited with anticipation of what Mike, Dani, Jake and Alex will do. Blessed to be on the same timeline to experience this together with everyone. Seeing a new face say how much they enjoy learning about the band will never tire for me. I am thankful for all the new friends I have made in a common connection.

A copy of The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game will be released everywhere September 9th. Please pick up a copy on vinyl at the link above. Go see the band on the road this summer supporting Umphrey’s McGee! (I hope to make it to Indy and St Louis 🤞So say “Hi”.

Lastly, I wanted to “Thank You” to anyone that contributes to the audience recording community. You truly do the Lord’s work. Since my first days of listening to live music I have believed to “Thank a Taper”.