Has anyone made an iOS Shortcut before with Humboldt for micro.blog?

Nice day out at the car show.

I did migrate Mastodon instances last night. It was over all really easy just took time to reset up apps/cross posting/2FA again. Losing my posts stinks BUT they are all coming from my micro.blog so my site is basically the archive. If I did not have this I could still import the backup to an ActivityPub service. Gotta love it!

Everyone venturing to #Eggy tonight in Nashville be safe.

I keep reading these headlines as a question.

WHO downgrades Covid-19?

Debating on changing my #instance on Mastodon. The loss of posts is what really holds me back from jumping off mastodon.social.

What are you thoughts on moving? Experience?

What is reheated in a toaster?

Time to clear out! More backyard updates. This time the back back. 🌳🍃

Starting off the morning right.

Jack Black - Peaches

Listen here.

It has been awhile since I have shared a #screenshot from my #iPhone. 📱

Here is today’s view:

Dani is the highlight of this All Wheels Turning 🎹 🎶

#Eggy - 3/4/23 - The Olympic - Boise, ID

Listen here.

Hey! Look it there! I am in the #Mona AppStore screen shots.

Finished Super Mario Bros 3 last night via the Super Mario Advance 4 version for Switch Online. I just put it like this for how silly sounding it is.

Not a big feat but, it was a fun play through again of all three original games. 🎮🕹️

Listening to what I missed with Spafford while I was in Florida

Spafford - 4/15/23 - Terra Fermata, Stuart, FL

Listen here.

I need Ivory to just add the ability to pin other timelines it would be 🤌 for me.

Password change day and I’ve only locked myself out twice. 😬

I am on #PixelFed also. Maybe if I knew more over there I would use it too.


Of all my subscriptions I pay Nugs.net is above and beyond my favorite. Priceless honestly.

Is anyone else’s dogs terrified of their HomePods?

Our’s won’t even be in the room if it’s playing? Ghosts?