Promotional image for a music event featuring a drummer on stage with the band name “Eggy” at the top, and details of the event “Lost and Found, Eggy, Nectar’s, Burlington, VT, Mar 15,

3/15/24 Nectar’s, Burlington, VT

A very aggressive but pretty jam in this Lost and Found

Listen here

A musician plays drums on stage with the name “Eggy,” a date “3.15.24,” and the venue “Nectar’s, Burlington, VT” displayed. The image promotes a performance titled “Tiny Miracles” by Eg

#Eggy - 3/15/24 - Tiny Miracles, Nectars, Burlington, VT

Don’t sleep on this hidden gem. 💎 The entire band is firing on all cylinders for the jam. Dani’s keyboard change at 8:45 is so sneaky! The drop back into TM is perfection.

Listen here.

If Biden Wants To Win, He Needs To Talk About COVID

The pressure to simply move on from the horrors of 2020 is strong. Who wouldn’t love to awaken from that nightmare and pretend it never happened? Besides, humans have a knack for sanitizing our most painful memories.

The image displays a media player with a photo of a male drummer in performance. The overlaying text reads “Eggy, High Noon, Nectar’s, Burlington, VT, Mar 15, 2024.” The playback timeline is paused

Love Alex’s four count on the cowbell at this point. Nice little detail.

Listen here

Is it exciting for Threads joining the Fediverse? For me kinda.

Though I don’t think we need to stand for any crap/drama/hate it may bring the same way we handle Instances now.

House of the Dragon Season 2 trailer is out!

Be sure to watch in the YouTube app to see the Green and Black separate trailers!

A fiery visual effect resembling a face, with elements that suggest eyes and a mouth within the flames. The word “max” appears in the top right corner, indicating branding or watermark.

🚨 New #Eggy Alert 🚨

3/15/24 - Nectar’s Burlington, VT

A drummer performing on stage, with the text “Eggy” at the top, and event details stating “Nectar’s Burlington, VT 3.15.24” at the bottom.

Listen here

Wife’s taking a lunch nap.

Quick! Time to listen to Eggy!

Promotional music event poster for the band Eggy at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT on March 14, 2024, with an image of a musician playing a guitar on stage, surrounded by colorful stage lighting.

This is a photo of a bee my lil girl drew. I wanted to share it. It makes me happy. That is all. 🐝

A hand-drawn sketch of a whimsical, cartoon-like bee with striped body and stylized wings.

Hey you!

Hope you have a great afternoon.

Send toot!

Dang it Bluey… everytime.

The image is a four-panel meme featuring characters from the animated TV show “Bluey,” superimposed with text to convey a thematic joke. In the first panel, a fox character sits on a swing with the text “Watching Bluey.” In

User interface of the Internet Archive music player displaying a list of tracks, with “Reuben and Cherise -> Wayless” highlighted, indicating current playback. The artwork above features a colorful, intricate design with symmetrical patterns and imagery reminiscent of a tape

The band turned up their experimental knob for Nectars.

The jolly Sweat Equity gets dark. Reuben and Cherise does not disappoint.

Eggy Live at Nectar’s on 2024-03-14

I love small game details.

In #SeaofStars the load screen silhouettes change depending who’s in the party.

Black background with two white silhouetted figures of children reading, sitting on the floor, on opposite ends of the image.

Silhouettes of four classic cartoon characters standing side by side against a transparent background.

This time change has thrown off our entire week.

Little has been out of character (Thankfully, seems back to her sweet self tonight.)

I haven’t listened in as much music this week.

Works been blah until today.

Ready for a reset.

Welp my lil garage bang up cost is $3,900 based on the estimate.

Thankful for insurance. 😅


My au jus turned into gravy…


Promotional graphic for a series of music events featuring a band performing on stage, with the title “Vice or Virtue: an Eggy pod” overlaid on the image, and event dates “February 14, 15, 16

I had the honor to sit down with Justin on Sunday to discuss the #Eggy Winter Tour opening shows. Thankful for his patients for recording my first ever podcast. It sounds great with all the clips edited in. I could also tolerate to hear my own voice! 😆 Can’t wait to do it again soon.

Listen here

Listen to the song selections here

📺 See (2019) - ★★★☆☆

See poster

Seasons One and Two are very strong. Even grittier and more violent than Game of Thrones. Interesting to see how characters navigate without sight. Then Season Three is a quick wrap up with a very disappointing, predictable ending. The last three episodes really drag on to a snooze fest.

A concert scene with a crowd of fans raising their hands towards a brightly lit stage, accompanied by text labeling the music track “Mantis, Pt. 1” by Umphrey’s McGee from the “Hall of Fame: Class of

You may disagree. Though this is why I think UM is one of the best. 🔥 Such a tight jam. Crazy energy.

(Also Mantis is an amazing album.)

Umphrey’s McGee - Mantis Pt 1 - 1/28/22 Detroit, MI

Listen here

Concert scene with audience raising hands towards a brightly lit stage, with the text “Der Bluten Kat, Umphrey’s McGee, Hall of Fame: Class of 2022, 2024” indicating the band and album details.

Umphrey’s McGee - Dee Bluten Kat - Hall of Fame: Class of 2022

DBK is always a great time. This version is another example.

Listen here

A LEGO model of a yellow and red dragon displayed on a desk, with brick-built flames on either side of the base platform.

My new desk companion this morning.

(Simply running out of room at home.)

Oh heck ya!

#MonaApp added a few new app icon alternatives!

The image shows a list of app icons with the name “Elephant” followed by different color names such as Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Blue 2. Each icon has a silhouette of an elephant’s head and

A person seated while playing a black bass guitar, with a variety of guitar pedals at their feet. The individual is focused on the instrument, surrounded by music equipment. A text overlay reveals goals for a band in 2024, including playing at Red

So does this mean we will get a new #Eggy album this year with another still to come? 🤔

Promotional movie poster for “Dune Part Two” with minimalistic design, showcasing the title with a sunset gradient background and silhouettes of two characters below it. The poster also includes the PG-13 rating and the movie’s duration of

Dune Part Two tickets acquired for date night.

The streak has ended friends…

After 22 years of driving I had my first accident of my own fault. Just misjudged the garage entrance coming home. Always thankful that only thing truly hurt is my ego.

To make the story interesting, I just called my current agent to cancel coverage and make a change over TOMORROW! 😅